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Frequently asked questions

Wondering what exactly Delta Kappa Delta is? Not sure how it'll affect your grades? Look no further. Below are common questions that are asked. If there are anymore questions that are not answered, feel free to contact us through the website or one of or many social media outlets. We're always here to help you!

How will Delta Kappa Delta affect my grades?

Delta Kappa Delta is built on the ideals of academia. In order to associate for Delta Kappa Delta each potential recruit must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.75. This is done so that we can be sure that Delta Kappa Delta does not interfere with our real goals to be at the University of Texas at Austin and to be successful. Aside from that each sister is required to maintain a 2.50 GPA once they cross into the sisterhood. Academics are a huge part of what we practice and as sisters, we encourage one another to be successful. Having the support from one another, we see great improvements in grades from sisters who are able to ask the rest of the sisterhood for help. Delta Kappa Delta has a reputation of producing hard working and successful sisters and with the skills you learn through association, sisters are able to learn time management, communication, and organization which allow them to be successful in the long run. 

What is Delta Kappa Delta's Alcohol Policy?


Delta Kappa Delta does not associate its letters with alcohol. The philanthropy of Delta Kappa Delta is the prevention and awareness of child abuse which may stem from the use or overuse of alcohol. Therefore, any sister representing Delta Kappa Delta cannot associate its letters with alcohol. This does not restrict a sister from making their own choices at their own time, but when representing Delta Kappa Delta, we follow a zero tolerance policy.​

Is Delta Kappa Delta a hazing organization?

Delta Kappa Delta is a NON-HAZING sorority. We do not partake in any forms of hazing, set forth by both the National Guidelines as well as The University of Texas' Guidelines. Thus, we follow a zero tolerance policy on hazing.  The Recruitment Advisor and Recruitment Aide Advisor will make sure that this policy is upheld throughout the semester during the Association Process.

What are the benefits of being in Delta Kappa Delta?

Delta Kappa Delta is not a destination, it is part of your journey. From being the FIRST and ONLY South Asian Service Organization, it is the springboard from which you will do greater things. Our programs allow you to build skills and grow as a person. Our service allows you to use those skills to give back to the community while building a sense of compassion and worldliness. Our networks allow you to flourish as a sophisticated professional. Our unique bond allows you to have a supportive network only a phone call away. With everything you gain while being a member of Delta Kappa Delta, you set yourself up for success in whatever it is that you may want to do in the future. You can ask any sister, and they will tell you that joining Delta Kappa Delta is a decision that they have never regretted.

What exactly is a sorority?

A sorority is a group of girls brought together by sisterhood, common interests, and aspirations. By experiencing the dynamics of a sorority, one gains and develops close-knit bonds between individuals that are both in our comfort zones as well as outside. It is a way of life, meaning that by joining a sorority, you will have adopted a new family who will always be there regardless of the situation. After time, individuals who you call "Sister" will transcend that title and truly become a part of your family.